• Thanks to all who donated, in total the amount raised stands at over £3100!
  • The thief who spawned the challenge has been caught and sentenced however the £600 he took wasn’t recovered.

A few weeks back my favoured pub, The Alehouse, was broken into and the charity boxes for the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance were stolen.  Fast forward a few weeks and I was there for their winter beer festival, propping up the bar as usual, when a stereotypical question was asked;

How much would it take to get waxed for charity?

Initially I said £500 thinking it a joke but within a few minutes I realised it wasn’t an idle question.  We’d hit £250 in about 30 seconds so I thought it best to double the target to £1000, both to make it more of a challenge and to raise more money for the Air Ambulance to make up for what was stolen.  Being a man of my word, and as the charity page had been set up before I’d left the pub, challenge accepted!

So, here’s the deal;  If we raise £1000 I’ll undergo the dreaded “back, sack and crack”, £2000 I’ll get my legs waxed and for £5000 everything from the neck down.  Yes, in retrospect, the first target being the most painful is bloody daft but hindsight is 20/20…  Collection deadline is 12 midnight on Thursday February 28nd and the waxing will commence on Friday March 1st.  I’ll be in the Alehouse on the evening of the 1st to drown my sorrows if you wish to join me!

Regarding the sack part of the challenge, after discussing the issue with a professional and hearing the words “tearing” and “rupture” too many times the sack part will be taken care of using a hair removal cream of some kind and the pubis waxed instead.  I’m assured this will be as painful, if not more so, but without the risk of permanent injury so all involved agree still within the spirit of the challenge.

The waxing has happened on March 1st and Perry’s Beauty have performed the procedure for free as it is for a good cause, they have my thanks.

This campaign is over however the TVACAA still need your help, head over to their website to find out how.

Keegan's No 'Air Ambulance Challenge

Keegan’s No ‘Air Ambulance Challenge




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